Competitive Intelligence - Challenges and Trends in Brazil

Francisco Carlos Paletta


Ten years have gone by since Competitive Intelligence was regarded as being in its initial application in Brazil, according to the statistics from the application of the internationally accepted program for the sector. This article talks about the evolution of the Brazilian scenario in such field of activity and about aspects of the current reality which entitle us to outline the evolution of the practice of intelligence, as well as what is thought to be its application and results. The work focused mainly on three aspects: The evolution of the concept of Competitive - Economic Intelligence in the Southeast region of Brazil; the biggest recurring deficiencies in projects and which were obstacles to their execution; and the major recurring skills highlighted in the projects. The article includes culture as an influence that favors the aspects that affect the desires and decisions of companies located in Brazil - which participate in this process. Conclusions point to an evolutionary scenario regarding the volume of project results in big companies and the presence of fragmented discourses in a market eager for a bigger volume of closed deals and less worried about delivery depth and quality.


Competitive Intelligence, Information Management, Strategy, Organizational Sustainability, Evolution of CI in Brazil, CI Best Practices

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